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The Tudors'

Dynastia Tudorów, czyli film o Henryku VIII i jego 6 żonach.
Serial kostiumowy z piękną muzyką i scenerią.

Muzyka – Trevor Morris

Henryk VIII – Jonathan Rys-Meyers

The Six Wives of Henry VIII in 'The Tudors':
Katherine of Aragon - Maria Doyle Kennedy
Anne Boleyn - Natalie Dormer
Jane Seymour - Annabelle Wallis
Anne of Cleves - Joss Stone
Kathryn Howard - Tamzin Merchant
Catherine Parr - Joely Richardson

Mary I Tudor – Sarah Bolger
Elizabeth I – Claire MacCauley, Laoise Murray
Edward – Eoin Murtagh

Henryk VIII
6 żon Henryka
Katarzyna Aragońska
Anna Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
 Catherine Howard
Catherine Parr

Dzieci Henryka VIII
Sezon 1 (2007)
  1. In Cold Blood
  2. Simply Henry
  3. Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!
  4. His Majesty, The King
  5. Arise, My Lord
  6. True Love
  7. Message to the Emperor
  8. Truth and Justice
  9. Look to God First
  10. The Death of Wolsey
Henryk VIII
 Henryk i Anna Boleyn
 Sezon 2 (2008)
  1. Everything Is Beautiful
  2. Tears of Blood
  3. Checkmate
  4. The Act of Succession
  5. His Majesty's Pleasure
  6. The Definition of Love
  7. Matters of State
  8. Lady in Waiting
  9. The Act of Treason
  10. Destiny and Fortune
Sezon 3 (2009)
  1. Civil Unrest
  2. The Northern Uprising
  3. Dissention and Punishment
  4. The Death of a Queen
  5. Problems in the Reformation
  6. Search for a New Queen
  7. Protestant Anne of Cleves
  8. The Undoing of Cromwell
 Henryk VIII
 Henryk i Jane
 Sezon 4 (2010)
  1. Moment of Nostalgia
  2. Sister
  3. Something for You
  4. Natural Ally
  5. Bottom of the Pot
  6. You Have My Permission
  7. Sixth and the Final Wife
  8. As It Should Be
  9. Secrets of the Heart
  10. Death of a Monarchy
     Henryk VIII
    Henryk i Catherine Howard
    Henryk i Katarzyna Parr

    Jedna z najpiękniejszych scen serialu - śmierć Anny Boleyn
    (sezon 2 - odcinek 10)

    Żony Henryka VIII
    Prawdziwe i...
     ... serialowe


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you are a very lovely lady....

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Thank you very much for your sweet words:) The Tudors... I found this series by accident - it is very, very beautiful movie. Beautiful and sad... sometimes.
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