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Young Dracula - CBBC serial

Created by Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell


The Draculas
Count Dracula -
Keith-Lee Castle
Vladimir "Vlad"Dracula -
Gerran Howell
Ingrid Dracula -
Clare Thomas
Renfield -
Simon Ludders
Zoltan -
Andy Bradshow
Magda Westerna -
Donna Grant

The Branaughs
Mr Graham - Aneirin Hughes
Mrs Elizabeth - Beth Roberts
Ian - Ben McGregor
Paul - Luke Bridgeman
Robin - Craig Roberts
Chloe - Lucy Borja-Edwards

The van Helsings:
Mr Eric van Helsing - Terence Maynard
Jonathan van Helsing - Terry Haywood
Mina van Helsing - Jo-Anne Knowles

John Rea (series 1)
Nick Lloyd (series 2)

Awards - In 2008 Young Dracula was nominated for BAFTA Children's Drama Award

The series follows the Dracula family: Vladimir, his father Count Dracula, and older sister Ingrid. Having lived in Transylvania, they move to Stokely, a small town in Britain after various incidents involving angry peasant mobs.

Young Dracula Episode 1 Part 1

Young Dracula Episode 1 Part 2

Young Dracula Episode 1 Part 3

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